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Family Owned: Installation and Repair

Hathazi Garage Doors, a family-owned business in Cream Ridge, NJ, is a dealer in both residential and commercial doors. We do more than just sell automatic garage doors. We are professionals at installing and repairing them.

If you are installing a new door in your garage, you’ll want experienced and trained professionals to do it. The lifespan of an automatic garage door is about 20 years if used regularly, according to industry standards, so If you are replacing an existing door, you’ll find no better source than Hathazi Garage Doors. We’ll come up with the right door for you and we’ll make sure it is installed properly and professionally so you’ll benefit from years of worry-free use. We may discover, after an inspection, that your existing door can be repaired, saving you money and prolonging its life.

Great Selection and Personalized Service

You’ll find that we have most standard doors in stock, and we can order just about anything else, including doors for nonstandard spaces. We’ll work closely with you to find the door that fits your garage and your needs. If we don’t have the door that works for you on premises, we’ll order one of your choice and have it shipped to us in as few as two weeks.

Because of the demand for quality garage doors, the big home improvement stores have gotten into the act, but that experience can be impersonal with their so-called experts short on training and experience. Furthermore, they may not be there for you when a damaged door requires repair or follow-up after an improper installation.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The options we have available include adapting our doors based on your garage’s dimensions and all kinds of design and decorative variations, including windowed doors. We will come to you for a free estimate. You may also come to us with a few basic measurements if you want an idea how much a new door might cost. Those numbers would include the width and height of the opening of the existing door’s dimensions. It is also important to know the headroom and the backroom. The headroom for a garage door is the distance between the top of the door opening and the garage ceiling. The backroom is the distance from the door opening to the back wall, which tells us whether the depth of the garage will accommodate the height of the door when raised. Measure also the space on the side of the door opening, because several inches will be required for the tracks and springs beside the door.

However, you choose to do it, your satisfaction is guaranteed at Hathazi Garage Doors.